November 14, 2008

Nirvana Baby, 17, Going Through Awkward Fame Stage

nirvana_baby_kid.jpgThe naked baby from the cover of Nevermind is 17 now. It's an age where kids face face challenges figuring out who they are, and experiment with addictive drugs like alcohol, heroin--and arbitrary fame derived from their parents dropping them in a Pasadena pool for $200 when they were babies.

I have no real advice for the still-young Spencer Elden besides pointing out that Jodie Foster was the Coppertone Baby, and you don't see her constantly reliving her first, parent-induced moment of fame. And Brooke Shields was the Ivory Soap baby, and yet look at how successfully she--OK, bad example. My point is, it should set off some serious alarm bells if MTV, the network which provides intermittent lifetime employment to such made-up celebrities as Puck and Mormon Julie, can't figure out why you recreated the Nevermind photo, and why you equate a nude baby photo with being "the world's biggest porn star."

But if you're trying to provide a cautionary tale for a new generation of parents who should be careful what they wish for their kids, thanks. It doesn't get you off the hook for making me feel so old, though.

Nirvana Baby -- All Grown Up -- Re-Creates Classic Nevermind Cover Image [ via tmn]

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