November 6, 2008

Fresh From Prague: Baby Tron Chopper By Pesr Polak


Designboom reported from Designblok08 in Prague, where students in an industrial design class at the AAAD exhibited their class project: a series of ride-on toys for kids ages 1-4.

I can't quite make out how Pesr Polak's super-slick actually works; Does the kid sit on it, with her knees in those little cutouts, or are those the footrests? But then where are the handles? Or does a kid ride on her belly, like on the classic--and similarly swoopy--Creative Playthings Crawligator?

Here's what I do know: the real life vehicle probably looks just like its computer rendering, which, in turn, look a lot like Tron. Also, it is awesome.

Check out the whole exhibition at Designboom.

prague designblok 08: studio of product design at AAAD in prague [designboom via minor details]


Bad. Ass.

Also, that Prague Designblok show completely owns anything we do here. Or at least last year's did. They had a sweet huge kids' play area right in the middle of the show.

What I love about Designblok is it doesn't pretend anything. If any art society makes their exhibition in hte Meet Factory in Prague, it is like to have an official stamp 'IN'. Love it.

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