October 28, 2008

Sublime Muppet X Station Wagon Mashup In Germany


In order to issue someone a speed camera ticket in Germany, it's necessary to have an identifiable photo of the driver, not just the car's license plate. Which, because of the sensitive camera calibrations, means all you need to speed with impunity is a right-hand drive car.

Which leaves the police to try to track down the driver via his large, furry wingman. The German article says police are looking for a guy from Sesamstra├čen, goes by the name of "Ernie." Call it a gut feeling, but I don't think that'll pan out.

Polizei sucht Sesamstra├čen-"Ernie" [br-online.de via arbroath, thanks jalopnik]

1 Comment

I don't think that's Ernie. I may be wrong but I think it's Animal from the Muppets.

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