October 28, 2008

I'll Take Ridiculous Radio Flyer Concept Studies For $1,000, Alek

This over-contoured rethinking of the traditional red wagon was created by a design intern over the summer when the economy seemed slightly healthy, and it features a luxe interior with basically no alternative play patterns beyond getting pulled through the zoo by dad, but enough cupholders to prepare kids for the stretch Hummer they're going to rent for junior prom.


What is the Red Flyer Cloud 9 Concept Wagon? [computerworld.com via dt wagon correspondent jj daddy-o]


as a devoted fire-islander, the land of the red wagon, this is awesome.

never thought of that, but now it makes perfect sense. it's the Bugaboo of Fire Island.

So wait now... are we going to rename the Bugaboo the "over-contoured rethinking" of the original stroller? Because... really, what's the difference?
$1000 stroller -- $1000 wagon
It's all absurd.

Does this wagon actually exist on the market? If so ,how much!!!! Very interested!!!!

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