October 27, 2008

Lynskey Performance Titanium Tricycles Now Available In Cycling Paradise


The stock market's a mess. The banking system's in disarray. The real estate market is a disaster. And now even Daddy Types' comments system has tanked.

Fortunately, the production of customized titanium performance tricycles continues unperturbed. And not just unperturbed, but expanding. Lynskey trikes are now available in the eternally flat biking nirvana known as the Netherlands, thanks to longtime DT design contributor Jan, who operates loopfietsjeswinkel.nl, the country's kidbike superstore.

Followers of the titanium tricycle market will not be troubled by similarities between Lynskey Performance's tricycle design and the limited edition trike created by titanium components pioneer Litespeed in 1997--and briefly reissued in 2003. They remember that Litespeed was founded by David Lynskey in 1986 and sold by him in 2000.

But no matter the flatness of your country or what side of Atlantic you're on, I suspect the lead time for a Lynskey makes it a very unlikely Christmas present for 2008.

A $2500 tricycle? this must be a misprint [firstbikeshop.com]
12/07: Lynskey Performance titanium tricycle [lynskey.blogspot.com]
Previously in custom titanium tricycle news "Fabricators' kids have the NICEST bikes"

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