October 26, 2008

Darth Mall: Imperial-Style Russian-Tuned VW Transporter


Though it's a few years old now, and Zestline, the Moscow tuning shop which created it has disappeared from the web, this heavily modded VW Transporter--dubbed the Zestline Bomber--is worth a shoutout anyway.

Partly because it reminds me of the pimped out, Japan-only Nissan minivans favored by that country's perm-headed guidos [they can't all be in the Yakuza, can they?]

But mostly because a few days ago, I offhandedly called some friends' black Mercedes GL550 the Deathstarmobile, and I immediately worried they might not realize I meant it as a compliment. Seeing the Zestline Bomber, I have to admit, I had no idea what a Deathstarmobile even is.

More Rides from Russia | The Zestline Bomber [jalopnik circa 2005]
Best response of anywhere online was on a Polish VW Van message forum: "Brzzyyyyyyyddddddddaaaaaaaaallllllllllll !!!!" [bus-forum.pl]

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