October 25, 2008

Babywearer On Elm Street


We're not in the city this weekend, so I am very bummed to be missing the New York Art Book Fair. Thankfully, Paddy Johnson is taking some inspirational photos of the event, which is how I found this. It's a drawing by Matt Furie on the cover of Boing #2, a curated compedium of comics in zine format, published by noted British Columbian artist book outfit, Islands Fold. There's a similarly beslinged Skeletor-lookin' monster on the back. Check it out.

Buy Boing Number Two, published by Islands Fold in an edition of 130 copies, for just $8 [islandsfold.com via afc]
NY Art Book Fair runs through tomorrow, Sunday Oct. 26, at Philips de Pury [nyartbookfair.com]

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