October 24, 2008

Once Thought Extinct, Stokke Hippo Spotted In The Wild


Well, the wilds of Sweden, anyway.

I've seen exactly one of these awesome Stokke Hippo rocking toys before, in a baby store in Reykjavik, Iceland. I'm sure that one's since been chopped up for firewood, but artist/blogger Elisabeth came across one recently, in a beautiful blue finish, in the window of a Stockholm Gothenburg kids shop:

I could get this Stokke rocking chair cheap he said. It was the only one left, and they don´t produce them anymore. But we don´t plan to have any more kids.... or?
Or you could buy it and ship it to me, hello!!

Now I need to work my Stokke contacts and see what the story is/was on this rocking beauty.

update: Not extinct, just German. DT commenter Hapa points out the Hippo is still available in the UK, where the retailer Baby 2 Child describes it as "The Hippo, formerly known as the Stokke Hippo." It's designed and made by a German company called ergo:design, at least according to a Daddy Types post from 2006. Oy.

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Sweet! I love it.

That is beautiful. Find out if they have an adult size as well, please.


ergo:design! seems to be producing the old Stokke Hippo now.


If you're flying across the pond anytime soon they can be had for £129.99.

-- Hapa

Here's the direct link explaining that it was formerly the Stokke Hippo:

(Found it when I was searching for aftermarket Tripp Trapp trays.)

D'oh, of course. ergo:design is a German company that manufactures the Hippo, and judging from the similarities with their other products, they designed it, too. I Googled around for ergo and the Hippo--and found this daddytypes post from 2006. I am losing my mind.

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