October 23, 2008

Rad Mad Scientist Blocks, Lasercut For You By Xylocopa


Awesome. Just. Awesome. These incredible maple blocks, laser-engraved with line drawings from the hilarious world of mad scientists, showed up at Make Magazine's latest Maker Faire in Austin. They're by the laser-cutting artists at Xylocopa, a husband & wife team from Tucson.

Sample letters include:
P - Peasants (with Pitchforks)
Q - Quantum physics
R - Robot
S - Self-experimentation

Each block is densely packed with illustrations for six letters--no filler!--so you only need a set of five to complete the alphabet. Of course, if you want to build something mad and scientific, you'll need several sets.

A Young Mad Scientist's First Alphabet Blocks, $40 for a set of 5 [xylocopa.com via make, thanks dt reader and advertiser, mark of sparkability]


WANT. Especially love the T for Tentacle face just visible on the lower left block...

Have. Very cool; take a close look at the "H is for Henchmen" and "Z is for Zombies" for a cute inside joke.

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