October 23, 2008

Mots Animaux By Jean Réal

I can't quite figure out what Jean Réal's new book, Mots Animaux, actually contains. And though I get that it has something to do with animals, this artsy animated trailer of abstracted animals in reverse alphabetical order doesn't help much.

Though it's beautiful enough to look at, it's also very reminiscent of Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich's authorititate serif typeface-into-animals alphabet book, Bembo's Zoo, but it's not as conceptually tight.

From the YouTube description, I gather that Réal has gathered insightful quotes, facts, and commentaries about animals from the great writers and thinkers, and designkids Ich & Kar packaged them up.

But since this book is being previewed in windows at the not-too-terribly-bookish Colette in Paris, I expect its real purpose is to provide a self-satisfying shopping experience and the thrill of having something before anyone else. In which case, you have about three weeks before it ships from Amazon, and you might as well forget about the whole damn thing.

Mots Animaux par Jean Réal et Ich & Kar, avantpremiere chez Colette [blogs.colette.fr]
You could pre-order Mots Animaux for Nov. 17 delivery, but so could anyone, and what's the point of that? [amazon.ca]

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Ich&Kar designed the wall mural we have in the kid's room (which we also picked up from Colette). I love their work.

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