October 23, 2008

I Wish I Could Quit You, Palins

Dang it, I'm gonna miss them when they're gone.

From a long interview with People Magazine which included questions submitted by readers like you'n me:

People: Alicia also wondered if you had any more unique names up your sleeve.
Sarah Palin: We did. We never got to get our Zamboni in. I always wanted a son named Zamboni.
Todd Palin: I don't think that would have flied.
You know what's crazy, is that some guy actually did name a kid Zamboni, some feller in Eureka, Utah. True story.

Sarah Palin: My Wedding Hope for Bristol -- Page 6 [people.com]
Frank Zamboni [wikipedia]


Back in the day, I thought the song "Jam On It" was about Zambonis. Shows how much hip hop I have in me.

This completes my top five list of cool things about the Zamboni:

1) It's in a They Might Be Giants song (Figure Eight)
2) It's in a Moxy FruvoĆ¼s song (King of Spain)
3) It reminds me of Strange Brew
4) It rhymes with macaroni
5) It was a non-used (yet!) name choice for the dumbest vp choice in history.

Interesting past tense form of the verb "fly". . .

"I don't think that would have flied."

Did I miss the memo where we all agreed to change the past participle form of the verb fly? Maybe it's an Alaska thing.

Oh, and something tells me they're not quite gone yet. I'm looking forward to another fun/scary Republican primary season. (When's that start anyway? Next February or so?) I think they just might be crazy enough to nominate her.

I'm cool with Zamboni. Seems appropriate. Just don't name the next child Grammar.

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