October 14, 2008

If You're On Our Flight This Afternoon, I Apologize In Advance

I think K2 must be cutting an upper tooth while contracting the flu and food poisoning and growing pains, because the last 24 hours have been the single worst day and night of her short life. She was an inconsolable wreck all day, and then we were up all night with her, too, with nothing but infant Motrin and red desert sand to comfort her.

So yeah, if you're on the flight from Las Vegas to Washington DC we're driving to in a few minutes, I hope a weepy, squirmy baby won't distract you as you count all your blackjack winnings.

UPDATE: totally called that one wrong. Both kids did brilliantly. Even if there wasn't a newborn behind us, a drunk slut in front of us loudly hitting on the married firefighter next to her, and a couple of grabby Australian toddlers roaming the aisles, they would've won the gold.

K2 cried and squirmed while we were boarding, trying to build suspense--or because she was overdue for a nap and a bottle. She slept from the minute she sat down, and then another hour-plus up through the landing. I've found that the lavatory changing tables on A320's and 777's make great, clean spots for a crawling break. We'd just stay in there for a couple of minutes, not long enough to hold up the line, and the kid gets a little freedom. And despite the timezones, they both crashed at home with little fuss. Go figure.


aw, poor bunny. hope she feels better soon.

Sorry, man. You know, you can dose K2 with tylenol AND motrin simultaneously. Hope your flight went okay and that you kicked the ass of anyone who scowled at your kid.

Doesn't everyone wear noise-blocking earphones these days? (Except for the weary parents of the howling baby, of course. Hope the sound of the airplane engine lulled K2 a bit).

when we took our first flight with our 6 month old I figured if he had a bad time it was payback for every flight I had ever been on with a screaming baby.

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