October 13, 2008

That's Eye Candy We Can Believe In

I like context, backstory, credits, and yes, the occasional "put in shopping basket" link, so I don't like random web collections of sheer eye candy. But for this 500 image-and-counting flickr pool, I'll make an exception:


This artist, Ric Hugo, is new to me; and I like the mod pictures on this wooden cube set from the UK.

http://www.flickr.com/groups/eyecandypool/pool/">Eye Candy- TRIPPY HIPPY kid's books from the 60's and 70's [flickr via dt reader dt]

1 Comment

Was already up dangerously past my bedtime checking out these amazing illustrations when I happened on my own father's book, Mr. Chris & the Instant Animals. Super cool! Anyway, this collection makes me want to stay online & buy a million more kids' books.

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