October 4, 2008

Many Of You Feel Bad For This 1966 Maclaren Stroller


That is because you are crazy.

The new one is much better. [1]

And if you really want one like this, you can get a Kolcraft for $12 at the drugstore.

O.F. Maclaren, Baby Stroller, 1966 [moma.org]
1966 and O.G. Striped 1966 Maclaren [hi-and-low, stork bites man]
Maclaren Throwback Butcher Stripe stroller [maclarenbaby.com]
With apologies to Spike Jonze and Ikea [youtube]

[1] YMMV.


Yes, I really want one like this for The Pram Museum! No, I do not want a Kolcraft. No, I am not crazy (or at least not crazier than anyone else with a hundred or so strollers). Actually, my need is greater than MOMA's. Honest.

of course, you have a legitimate excuse.

The Kolcraft/Original Maclaren umbrella stroller doesn't get enough respect around here.

They're the Austin-Healy Sprite of strollers.

Hello, i'm Helen
I'm interested to find this mclaren baby buggy (the--b-01) year 1965.
It was very fashionable these days.
i want to buy it.
I love this buggy and i can't find it nowhere.I have so many memories and i want this also from my children.
Please inform me, i'm waiting for your mail.

i have one exactly like this for my girl
i dont know the manufacture year but it was bought on 1976 or 1977

I have one for sale exactly like on the foto.

Hi, is that right that you have the stroller like on the picture for sale? I am very interested to purchase one for my little boy. How much would the stroller be? Thank you, Mum Lisa & Daddy Del

I am looking for the double version of this buggy any colour stripes. Thanks

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