October 4, 2008

I, For One, Welcome Our Spandex Lucha Robot Overlords


I mean, I know the robots are plotting to enslave the world by positioning themselves in close proximity to our human offspring. Where they wait, in silence, until the Robot Emperor gives the signal...then KABLOW!

But when they have little Lucha masks, and they fit together like little puzzle pieces, and they're made out of spandex, what can I do?

Also, who can resist a spandex lucha robot whose origin myth begins with this exchange:

Bazaar Bizarre: How did you get your start in toy design?

Amy from Cozy Rampage: While on tour with Survival Research Laboratories in 1992, I met a defunkt French circus called Archaos. Some of the stragglers were hired as our assistants, and those people inspired me to create action figures based on real people. I studied up on circus archetypes, and messed around in my
studio for a few years with designing a collection of "non-combat-oriented action figures". The idea was for a time traveling circus with a human ringleader and runaway domestic robots as performers.
See? The're runaways! Our friends!

Interview with Amy Bean from Cozy Rampage [bazaarbizarre.org via boingboing]
Cozy Rampage: the blog [cozyrampage]
Cozy Rampage: the etsy store, where stuffed robots run around $35-75 [etsy]

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