September 30, 2008

They Reissued Kristian Vedel's Kid's Chair! Wait, Who's They?


Sure enough, there it is, staring right up at me from the front page of Modern Child [a shop which has advertised on Daddy Types before, btw].

Kristian Vedel's 1952 plywood chair/table/desk/stool has always been a tough buy; the thin molded plywood doesn't hold up that well, so when they're available, vintage examples are usually in rough shape.

So on the basis of pure usability and availability, it's good that Vedel's chair has come back into production, even though at $600, the new version's more expensive than almost every vintage auction result I've seen.

Don't expect the price to drop when volume picks up. The chair's being produced by a little Danish outfit called Architect Made, which specializes in bringing back select design objects by a handful of Danish masters. Their big breakthrough to date has been reintroducing a granite ashtray by Poul Kjaerholm. Fanbois of random Danish design, you are always welcome here. But no smoking.

Buy Kristian Vedel's children's chair, $590 shipped at Modern Child []
Architect Made - Kristian Vedel []


Hmmm...I paid under $100 each for my vintage chairs.

I would love to own one of his little birds. The chair is adorable too.

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