September 30, 2008

Happy New Year, Jews! Now Why Are You Reading This Today?


I wish I could tell you more about where Haifa-based designer and Star of David otaku Hayim Shtayer got this super-Israeli bottle and pacifier. Unfortunately, I only hung out at the JCC long enough to learn how to swim, not read Hebrew. What's a goy to do?

Maybe after Rosh Hashana is over, we can get some experts to weigh in.

You've Got To Start Zionism Early - 1 []


I quit Hebrew school and Japanese lessons when my parents got divorced, so I got nothin' for you…

The only word that I can see in its entirety is below the flag, and it says, "sameach," which means, "happy."

L'shana tova to all my fellow one-day RH observers!

good evening, sundown, the Jews say hello! l'shana tova all around.

Happy New Years! To all of you as well!!!

Looks like "Chag Sameach"=Happy Holiday
Below that looks like a company name possibly "Remedia" most likely used as promotional material... Unfortunately seems the angle it was taken at makes the upper word hard to make out.

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