September 29, 2008

Eames Elephants So Nice They Editioned Them Twice


Ahh, 2007. The good old days, when we thought that a thousand euros was a bit steep for a limited edition Eames molded plywood elephant, but hey, we'll manage. After all, we've been waiting since 1945 for the thing to make it into production. Then it actually hit the market, and it's more like a thousand pounds, and of course, you can't use your home equity line to buy one now. [No, they're not sold out, either. Eames Office still has some natural birch elephants left for $2,007.]


Anyway, for these straitened times, what could be better than an Eames Elephant in every pot-bellied kid's room? Vitra has announced a new edition of the elephants, this time in budget-minded polypropylene. For just £140, give or take VAT and international shipping, you can get your kid an Eames elephant he can actually touch, in five plasticky colors: pink, puce, and white, and the only two worth considering, red and grey.

If you hear of a US source taking orders for these, let me know, otherwise, the waitlist is forming at Utility Design [UK] for November delivery.

Everybody who's not paid in USD, that is: Eames Elephants for everybody!!! [kidsmodern]
Hey kid, hop on this Eames plastic elephant! It only cost £140! []
Previously: Whoa, kid! Get off that Eames Plywood Elephant! It cost a thousand euros!

1 Comment

Beautiful! Since I don't have the cash I wonder if 'they' would let me make an approximation using a heat gun and a gallon milk jug from the recycle bin...

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