September 26, 2008

Where All The Wooden Pacifiers At?


K2 is having a great time sucking on the wooden doorknobs on the kids' Via Toy Box doors. [Remember to glue, not just screw, those bad boys on, btw.]

And one of the puzzles she loves [un]doing has these perfect, pacifier-shaped handles on them; so she crawls around with it in her mouth.

So to the question at the top of the post: are/were there wood pacifiers? All I can find is a Photoshop version.


Sweet wooden paci. Sweeter that the banner on the top of the page is for the movie Choke.

I love contextual advertising...

my boy loved his Duplo train engine as a pacifer... the chimney bit.

I don't know how, but my son rarely puts anything in his mouth, other than food and his pacifier. We also have these puzzles, but he picks 1 up and throws it elsewhere (14 mos.)

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