September 24, 2008

Iran So Far Away

Two Danish architects took their daughter to Isfahan, the former capital of Iran and one of the largest cities in the world from the 11th to the 16th centuries, and all they got was this--actually, they got a ton of amazing photos of the spectacular Persian architecture, but this is the only one with the kid sleeping in the stroller in the Lotfollah Mosque.

Check out Seier+Seier+Seier's entire photostream [flickr via materialicious]


My brother and I would love to go to Iran and travel around if we didn't think we would be treated like subversives by our own government when we got back.
P.S. Arabic has got to be the most decorative writing ever. Can you imagine the inside of that place covered in Helvetica or Comic Sans?

That's a funny picture. I used to live in Bahrain and when I took my 4 week old daughter to the Grand Mosque, they wouldn't let me take the stroller inside. She was sleeping and I had to take her out.

I can't believe Iran would be less strict than Bahrain!

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