September 23, 2008

Il Ritorno!! Corraini Reissues Enzo Mari's Play Wall


In 1967 Danese debuted Enzo Mari's Il Posto dei Giochi, The Place of Games, otherwise known as "Wall." Kids could use the ten-panel corrugated cardboard play structure printed and perforated with Mari's designs to create various kid-sized spaces.

The only drawback, of course, is that it only worked if you were a kid in 1967. Wall has been out of production for decades, and when I came across it last year, I had more than half a mind to design and produce a new Wall. Well, I'm sure glad that knockoff scheme didn't pan out. Because Il Posto dei Giochi has just been reissued by Corraini, which, like Danese, also has a longstanding relationship with Mari. Wall is part of a series of kid-related reissues from Corraini. [Well, three. The other two are book/things by Bruno Munari.]

Corraini's version of Wall is even awesomer than Danese's, though, and not just because it exists: it's in color, unlike the original, which was printed in black and white for black and white children. Apparently the whole country was like that. True story. Lasted until the 1980's. Benetton ads.

Enzo Mari Il Posto dei Giochi []
A previous DT advertiser, btw: Buy Enzo Mari's Il Posto dei Giochi/ Wall is at Modern Child for $126, with free shipping until 9/29 [, via stork bites man]

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