September 22, 2008

Kid O Toys Arrive, Are Awesome


You know, I was just wondering to myself the last few weeks, "Where are those Kid O toys I was promised would be hitting the market soon?"

And here they are. Wow. Educational clarity and simplicity of design that stands up with the classics from Montessori, Creative Playthings, Froebel, and Caroline Pratt--in fact, rather than just knocking if off like the rest of the block industry, Kid O took the extra step of licensing Pratt's block system from City and Country, the school Pratt founded in the West Village in 1914 and built with Lucy Sprague Mitchell into an observation- and research-based pioneer of progressive educational reform.

Plus, they look sweet, and they're not crazy expensive.

Kid O Products, puzzles $15-20, blocks, $56/stage [ via storkbitesman]

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