September 22, 2008

Finally, JPMA Gets A/The Dads' Point Of View

I'm kind of slammed today with an offline work project, but I don't want to let this milestone in baby product innovation history go by unremarked. For the first time in the history of the JPMA Innovations Awards, which were presented at the ABC Kids Expo to the newest, hottest, most innovative products in the baby industry, one of the judges was a dad. And not just any dad, but Paul Banas, of, "the only online parenting resource with dads' point of view."

Finally! It's about time someone online is taking the dads' point of view! Anyone. judges 2008 JPMA Innovation Awards []


Greg, please make a FU JPMA! button we can put on our blogs and then write a 'Best of JPMA' article we can link up.

Google that dad's name for a sense of exactly who he is. mean he's just another marketing hack? Really? Don't they know we've heard of google? Ye gods.

no, the only marketing hack from a dad's point of view. Does his maxing out for Obama help ease the indignation?

Not a marketing hack, just another struggling-to-be-great dad.

Tried to contact you, Greg, before the show to catch up. I was talking you up as a good resource to a lot of the folks I saw there, Did you make it to the show?


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