September 19, 2008

DT Friday Freakout: Coming Soon Edition

I'm sure this week's Freakout will involve the ever-expanding poisoned Chinese formula crisis; BPA--especially in liquid formula cans, not that you can realistically avoid it completely anyway--the asthma risk associated with kids taking paracetamol--fortunately, we use acetominophen in this country, haha. oh, wait--and the lopsided controversy over the cancellation of a chelation-related autism study.

But the freakout I really want to talk about is why the kid is freaking out over rest time at her now-full-day preschool? I mean, difficult adjustments to the new school routine are as common in the fall as having to take your sweater off by lunchtime. But still, I wonder what it is about rest time--and I've heard it from a few other parents, too--that freaks the kids out so.

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