September 15, 2008

Wait, I Didn't Even Know There Was A Jens Risom High Chair


Made in 1941 as part of Knoll's introductory collection, with Risom's trademark woven web seat? And it sold yesterday for just $275?? My only consolation is that it caught Andy off guard, too. Seriously, people, there oughta be a website or something for this kind of stuff...

update: ...or at least a book. In an email, a Treadway specialist said she, too, had wondered about the attribution, since the curved back and "sculptural armrests" seemed similar to Ralph Rapson designs of the time. But the chair is illustrated in Steven and Linda Rouland's book, Knoll Furniture: 1938-1960 with an attribution to Risom and a "Courtesy of the Knoll Museum" credit, "so that," as she says, "is that." A couple of Treadway's detail shots are after the jump, for the [other] high chair nerds.

Lot 924: Jens Risom high chair, Knoll, 1940s, est. $200-300, sold 9/14/08 for $225+22.5% premium [ebay and treadway-toomey auctions via referencelibrary]



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Surprised to read this is a Risom. I guess I'll take their word for it, but leafing through Taschen's source book on 50s furniture last night, I came across a chair that was almost identical to this one but wasn't Jens Risom. Also, the Risom chairs that we all know and love in adult sizes are quite different from this (although I know that he did some furniture that was more boxy and squared off).

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