September 11, 2008

Little Tikes Demolition Derby, By Adam Haynes


While the awesomeness of Adam Haynes' imagined Little Tikes demolition derby is clear to see, many other things about the artwork, titled Kiddie Cars, are not clear to me.

I don't see how it's printed, for one thing. Offset? Lithograph? Laser? Kinko's? And since the small size is pretty damn small--just 7x8 inches--I'd like to know more about the 5x more expensive version than simply that it's "bigger." At least tell me it's "huge" enough to anchor a wall in the kid's room.

Kiddie Cars by Adam Haynes, limited edition of 50 [small], $35, and 25 ["bigger"], $175 [ via notcot]


I just saw that print on notcot and had the same "that would be awesome in the kids room taking up most of the wall" thought.

thanks for the post. we sent out our newsletter with all the print details and missed the larger size update on the site. OOPs. Its there now - along with a bit more info about the print itself.

- Jeremy

POVevolving &

"Bigger" is not big. Bummer.

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