September 10, 2008

Real Estate Market Sinks, Mint Netto Nursery Floats To Surface


Wow. A real estate staging company in Las Vegas is liquidating and just put a brand new, never been opened, $4000 Cabine crib and dresser/changing table by David Netto on eBay with no reserve. Opening bid is just $499.

Though the crib and changer in the picture above are not the actual items for sale, the baby crying in the crib is the actual Las Vegas real estate market, and the woman disappearing stage left is, in fact, its mother, Lady Luck, who is hoping to hitch a ride to her brother's place up by Reno, if anyone's going that way.

Netto Cabine Crib, Dresser and Toddler Conversion Set, opening bid $499 + freight, auction ends Sept. 20th [ebay via dt reader alina]

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