September 10, 2008

It's A Small Maoist World: Communist Children's Songs


Ho-ly Smokes. The cover of "I am a Sunflower - Children's Songs" is like Mao's Little Red Book of Verses illustrated by Comrade Mary Blair. Even if it didn't have the most incredible track list of any communist propaganda album I've ever seen [the Lin Piao reference dates it to after 1971, when Lin was killed in a supposed coup attempt, and entered the pantheon of disgraced communist heroes], it makes me want to yank the kid's hair back into some pony tails, give her a rifle, and set her off on a gloriously long march to the border region. Or barring that, at least get her some nice little Mao suits. Why don't we see more of those?

Mao Sounds! [lpcoverlover via dinosaursandrobots]


The album cover would make an awesome children's t-shirt, if only the kids weren't holding rifles.

Surely some enterprising young band will appropriate it for an album cover and/or shirts for themselves.

Side 2- "Little Red Guards Attend a Repudiation Meeting"!!!!
Dip me in Fellow Traveler Sauce! That is Awesome!
(uh, except for all those people who were tossed out of their homes and sent to re-education camps and stuff)

seriously, I want to see Little Red Guard figurines by this time next week.

hi...i have some songs for children also

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