September 9, 2008

Blowout Pedal Car Auction Coming To Hershey, PA Oct. 8


Now this is odd: apparently, some people gather in person, in a single place and on a fixed date, and even require the purchase of tickets in advance, all to auction off items of some rarity and value. No website, no PayPal, no Buy it Now, no nothing. Cuh-razy.

So crazy, it makes the idea of spending hundreds of craftsman-hours customizing, finishing and transforming eleven old-timey Champion Comet pedal cars into unique works of automotive toy art seem as sober as an actuary.

But there you go. On October 8th in Hershey, Pennsylvania, RM Auctions is conducting a charity auction to benefit the Museum of the Antique Automobile Club of America, at which point this glorious fleet of pedal cars will be dispersed to the four corners of America's four-car garages.

for full pics and details: Custom Champion Comets at Hershey []
dead link: AACA Night At The Museum []


These are beautiful pedal cars! I'd be there if I could.

The cars look great... do you know when the next event will be? Will there be one in 09'

not sure but is there a schedule?

3/3 comments are Google-gaming link spam. Is the online pedal car business really that cut-throat?

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