September 8, 2008

The Modfather's Naming Strategy

DT reader Naomi's comment below about the new album from The Jam founder Paul Weller led me to a nice Weller profile in the Times of London last week, which contains this baby naming strategy:

[Weller] remembers saving for a year to buy the Beatles' Sgt Pepper's LP. "Thirty bob was a lot of money when I was 10." Soon after, he discovered the mod bands, the Kinks, the Who and cockney troubadours The Small Faces, whom he still adores. Weller tried to name his two-year-old son Stevie Mac Kenney Plonk after the first names of the Small Faces band members, but his girlfriend, Sami, wouldn't stand for it. As a compromise, the boy is called Mac.
Trig Van Palin, you are not alone.

The Modfather Returns []


Okay, I'm glad he didn't father my kids. But I sure did love the Jam.

Trig Van Palin - I thought you were joking! That's funny.

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