September 8, 2008

More Anniversaries To Commemorate: The Maclaren Grand Tour LX


Are there such things as stroller news embargoes? Or is its appearance at ABC Kids Expo all the excuse I need to mention the new 2009 Maclaren Grand Tour LX? How about the fact that some other blogger already blogged it?

The Grand Tour is coming to commemorate the second most important anniversary in British strollerdom: the invention 20 years ago, in 1989, of the Maclaren Super Dreamer, the world's first travel system. [the 3rd most important anniversary in England: 2011, the 45th anniversary of England's only World Cup victory. Mark your stroller shopping calendars.]

But for all its commemorative glory, the GT LX is Maclaren's bid for strollering's future. There are remote control LED stroller lights. Stock! And there's a single handle with a console. Never seen that before--on a Maclaren, anyway. But does your stroller consol have this?:

'driving instruments', including a clock, temperature gauge and Strollometer® that measures how far and how fast mom is 'strolling' her way back into shape, via a wireless sensor.
The matching Couchometer® that measures how not helpful dad is being will come out in 2010, the 41st anniversary of The Benny Hill Show.

1 Comment

Not fair! This stroller has been out in US since Nov 2008! So by the time the British stroller will be available in Britain I won't need one.

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