September 6, 2008

LL Bean Booties


During the hard drive debacle last week, K2 and I were stuck at the mall in Tyson's Corner mall for several hours, waiting for my repair. After watching little kids run full tilt into the full length glass walls of the Apple store got old [actually, it didn't, but getting glared for laughing did.], we wandered into a massive LL Bean store. Huge. So big, it sucked all the Bean out of the air for a 150 miles around [i.e., it closed the Bean outlet in Perryville, MD, which had been a steady source of flannel sheets and mis-monogrammed tote bags over the years of our NYC-DC commuting.]

Anyway, most everything is made in China now, except [most of] the tote bags, and the original vulcanized rubber, chain-sole Bean Boot. Which they didn't have in the store. [?] Fortunately, they still have them online, and on the phone.


There is one style and color of Bean Boot for kids: an over-the-ankle boot which mirrors the men's 8" boot, but which is not available in tan leather, just brown. They're 50% more expensive than the rest of Bean's kid boot options. The smallest available size is a size 2, which is gigantic. US sizes go 5-13, then restart at 2. I think the kid's sandals right now are a size 10, so Bean Boots are two winters off, at the earliest.

There is a Bean Bootie, though, a Bobux/Robeez-style leather pouch, which mimics the classic rubber mocassin look. Why they'd print pawprints and not chain-link on the sole, I can't imagine. But if I'm gonna beg, it won't be for tweaks on gifty, disposable footsacks; it'll be for real boots in toddler sizes.

Bean Boot for kids, $59 []
Bean Booties, $19.50 []

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Not that it seems to apply now, but in March they had their Snow Tread boots for $6.50 a pair with free delivery. I stocked up.

They seem to have reverted to their original $34.50. What's up with that?

Anyway, the size 5Ts will be too small by the time it snows (next week)--anyone wants 'em, let me know. And it's always worth keeping an eye on the Sierra Kid's snow boots section. Ditto Campmor.

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