September 3, 2008

Baby Moov Lovenest: Is French For Head All 'Round


Leave it to the French to name a kid's first source of good head the Lovenest. Produced by Baby Moov, this sculpted foam headrest is designed by a pediatrician to safely produce "une tĂȘte bien ronde!" literally, a well-rounded head. And it's unique heart shape is to, uh, show how you love your bebe so much, you don't let him get a flat spot on the back like those crazy Americans. Actually, I have no idea.

DT reader Adriane says it's just EUR15, but in Ontario, it's just CAD$15. So whether it works or not, it's worth it for the rush of exchange rate nostalgia alone.

Try to buy the Baby Moov Lovenest for CAD15 at Tummies and Tots []
Or track one down somewhere on the continent for EUR15 [, thanks dt reader adriane]


Greg, thanks for this. I sent the link and product description to a newsgroup i'm on for plagio moms. i don't know if this would really work, but i sure wish i had this when The Girl was young enough to benefit from it...worth at least a try.

Bobby also makes a similar pillow called the Snuggle Nest -- they were selling them at Pottery Barn Kids a few years back. Seemed to help my flat-headed babe (who's now a round-headed preschooler).

Korean parents are really into these pillows. You can step into a korean market and find these for less than $5. My mother-in-law got us one for our baby, but she didn't need it. My nephew on the otherhand...

Um, what keeps the kid's head on the pillow?


I've been thinking about this, designing a 15-inch wide foam slab in my head. It'd have a head-shaped cutout and a chinstrap, and would go just to the kid's ears. He'd look like the Prince in Katamari Damacy, and he wouldn't be turning his head, no way no how...

There are actually at least 50 patents for devices, helmets, positioners, and beds to treat positional plagiocephaly. My favorite is the tilting bed & velcro sleepsuit combo.

You can find more informations about the lovenest on Babymoov website :

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