September 2, 2008

Sweet Modded Japanese Wagon Like No Nissan Stagea I've Ever Seen


Add the Nissan Stagea to the long list of awesome-looking wagons that never leave the Japanese domestic market. The Stagea began as the wagon variant of the Skyline GT-R, or in its later incarnation, the Infiniti G35. This example in Osaka was modded to within an inch of the ground, and a centimeter of the wheel wells. Speedhunters notes its various features which add to its "VIP look." Judging from the tail light treatment, I suspect that means "Volvo In Passing."

One-off Nissan M35 Stagea [, via dt reader dt]

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Too bad the M35 Stagea never really was as popular as the previous models... they shut down production last year with no replacement. (I keep wondering if they're going to sell the new Infiniti FX in Japan to replace it -- there's a big grey market for reverse-imported Infinitis over there...)

I've actually been thinking -- in 2.5 years the first-gen 1996 Stagea will be legal to import to Canada... it would make a quirky (read "ugly") but fun car for a family.

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