August 31, 2008

Buy It For The Name, Keep It For The Cute: Skummis Plush Creature


I don't know what a filur is in Swedish besides a house music band and a military drone plane designed by Saab. But I do know what Skummis are: justsocuteiwannaeatthemup!

Whether it's a blobby plush creature or a set of stroller toys, folks who buy a Skummi now get priority when designer Anna Hokkenberg finally releases her masterpiece: the Skummi Venus De Milo.

Red & White filur Skummis, £14.99 []
Skumissar something something, I can't tell, it's all in Swedish []


We have some Swedish friends, and I've learned that Swedish is awesome because if you know a) english and b) a tiny bit of German you can guess at the meaning of any given word and you'll be right half the time (and hilariously wrong the other half).

I'm not a linguistic researcher but I'll give it a try for anyone who might be interested.

Filur: joker, bugger (not ...!)

Skummis: Skum has a number of meanings.
1. meaning foam (scum) and might in this case refer to foam rubber. Probably these cuddlies contains other materials but it gives a sense of cuddlyness.
2. meaning not enough lighting making it hard to see exactly what is what. This meaning can be transfered to for instance people. Shady. In this case perhaps more like mysterious.

The -is ending I believe is a loan from the English plural form - like goodies (We have godis for candy). However it's not used as a plural form in Swedish but it signals something belonging to a group. By using this ending you are also signaling something childish.

So, in conclusion: A mysterious but cuddly bugger belonging to a group of other mysterious but cuddly buggers.

By the way, for Matthew, believe it or not we are all related.

Clearly, it's Swedish for a 3-footed striped flounder.

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