August 28, 2008

Kinda Eamesy Kid's Chairs Put The Phen Back Into Phenolic


Welcome to slightly lazy children's antique blogging week here at Daddy Types. But no sooner do I think that all this time, I'd had the wrong impression of all these antique dealers, than I come across a description like this from Sultana San Francisco:

I usually stay far away from children's furniture, however the design details and materials on these are so unique (plus, I've never seen them before), I had to make an exception to my own rules.
The "these" in question is a set of four unusual, unattributed school-lookin' chairs, probably from the 1940's, made from molded phenolic. Not to get all Wikipedia on you, but apparently phenolic was a precursor of fiberglass and molded plastic made from resin-impregnated canvas. Our friend at Sultana calls it "a dead branch on the plastics family tree."

But between the interesting design details and the early Eamesian vibe, they look kind of cool. Plus, at just [sic] $1,000 for the set, they're borderline reasonable, as far as vintage children's modernist furniture goes.

Set of four phenolic children's chairs at Sultana [SF] [via]

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I saw Eames stamps at the post office today:

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