August 26, 2008

Matte Black, Raindrops, Penguins In The Forest, Spinners! Holy Smokes, It's Quinny X Henrik Vibskov!


Dude. They have Blackout aluminum frames! Rainbow hoods and linings. Penguin sleepsacs! Wooden dangly toys that look like the venison drying rack in a Dali print, or the display window of an Icelandic puffin butcher shop. Spinners that look like stacking toys! stroller patches. STROLLER PATCHES! Psychedelic rain ponchos "for the moms" [grrrrt. sound of record screeching to a stop]



OK, so it's not perfect. But hey-o, the special collection for Quinny by Henrik Vibskov, is freakin' amazing. Vibskov, of course, is Denmark's most famous fashion designer [yeah, I know]. His designs for Quinny were inspired by a group of fantastical little characters that run away to an enchanted forest to play music, setting off vibrations in the raindrop trees which drip down on the strollers and accessories to make fantastical little patterns.


The magical forest where the Quinny x Vibskov tree dropped was Copenhagen Fashion Week; which explains why it's taken almost three weeks for word to get out. The gear will apparently go on sale at Vibskov's own concept store, Colette in Paris, Seven in New York, and a couple of other places with doorways wide enough to let those macked out Buzzes through.


I'm shivering with excitement; too bad there's no crazy raindrop parka for the dads. Dude, blacked out Quinnys! For like a thousand euro, but hey. gotta start somewhere!

Quinny x Henrik Vibskov, collection, videos, etc. [quinnydesign via storkbitesman]


Holy Smoke! Even I would push one of these soon-to-be-a-squeaking-heap-of-junk prams if it looked this cool. 1000euro though...ick.
Isn't a poncho unisex by the way?
Don't let the lack of gender assigned clothing stop you!

Have you seen the Concord Neo Carbon??

i live in the united kingdom and i am trying to buy the raindrop quinny zapp and the the penguin footmuff but i can't find them anywhere to buy please can someone help me and tell me where i can buy these please help!!!!!!!!!

my info is that only harrods have it ... although i have not seen it there myself ... and it cannot bought from them online ...

however, it can be bought online from denmark ... from henrik vibskov's site

or through this lot ... who are based in soho in london ... but i think they ship from denmark in this case anyway

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