August 25, 2008

Inhabitots Looks For The Right Cloth Diaper


Did you know the classic ecotrend blog Inhabitat just had a babybloig? Mazeltov! So cute.

So far on Inhabitots, the most actively discussed topic is Andre McCann's extensive roundup of the best cloth diaper options: pocket, one-size, pre-fold, g-Diapers, a service... Honestly, I only knew what one of those was.

The comments are helpful, too, and when they scold the noobs for not including the water intensity of non-organic cotton or the fuel usage of the diaper service delivery truck in the environmental impact calculations, you can tell they're doing it from a place of love.

Finding the Right Cloth Diaper for You [inhabitots]


We lost a lot of money on g diapers. They are a great concept, but in practice they leaked EVERY time we used them.
We were quite disappointed.

I love envibums! simply cloth diapers. no complicated stuff!

[awesome, you should see if they're hiring! Oh wait, you already did. -ed.]

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