August 23, 2008

Y, It's Bamboo! Bam Bam Baby Tricycle


Not only did Andrew Grigor's Bam Bam Baby Tricycle win the 2008 Launch Pad Source One packer's prize for emerging Australian designers a few weeks ago, the prototype's flatpack, anti-plastic, sustainably harvested bamboo ply, recycled aluminum, and off-the-shelf O-ring design is the first children's product to receive the Global Designblogger Union's coveted Platinum Tag Cloud Award for Buzzword Excellence.


I'm sure when the linkfrenzy dies down, Grigor will have some time to address the basic ergonomic and functional challenges like the tricycle's rideability, handle width and position, turning radius, tire performance, seat adjustability, and ease of assembly before he puts it into production.

Bam Bam Baby Tricycle in Bamboo [yankodesign via notcot]
Launch Pad []


WoW!!! Nice find...

This is a nice looking trike, but really don't see the need to create something out of wood when a metal tricycle is pasted from kid to kid, from family to family.

I bought a Kettler trike and my daughter used it, my son currently uses it and more than likely my third child will use it.

Remember there are Three R's - one of them is Reuse.

thats mighty pretty. love the round pedals.

What's to say a wood one can't be reused?
Some of my children's nicest toys are not the plastic crap being produced these days!!!

I love it. Can I buy it on line?
Thessaloniki, Greece

is this trike available to purchase? please let me know...coz the design is super cool...

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