August 22, 2008

La Grande Petite: The Smaller Minivan Canada Couldn't Wait For Any Longer

Whether it's complaining about the lack of small, awesome family cars, or wishing we could rip the guts out of a minivan, Phil Gramm's right: America's a nation of whiners. All talk, no action.

Canada, it would seem, is exactly the opposite. A flickr member named Dave snapped this masterpiece, La Grande Petite, a bone stock Plymouth Voyager that has had its middle third surgically removed by an enterprising Albertan.

The guy's wife couldn't explain it, just to say that it drives fine. The Oldsmobile tuner who reported on the project coming together in 2003 didn't get much more out of the masterchopper, either.

No, I think it's time we recognize that some artists express themselves most clearly in the medium of minivan, and then we let the details--the chopped luggage rack, the custom gas filler, the carefully preserved foldout windows--speak to our hearts.

O, Canada, please let me know when this thing goes on eBay.

Super short wheelbase Plymouth Voyager Minivan, plus a shot from the front [flickr]
Dwarf Van, Blame Canada [hemmings]
2003 - No pics, but also no Photochop: "Monster Garage, Canada Style" []

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