August 21, 2008

One Ikea Antilop, Two Ikea Antilop, Red Ikea Antilop, Blue Ikea Antilop


We were at the Big Blue Box last night looking for some kitchen shelves, and I stopped off to buy my in-laws the greatest high chair bargain in the world, an Ikea Antilop, to replace the horrible, plaid, ruffled plastic monstrosity they dutifully bought before the kid's first visit--but which they justifiably hate.

Lo and behold, what's next to the giant pallet of white Antilop high chairs? A giant pallet of red Antilop high chairs. And they were only $15, inexplicably cheaper than the still-inexplicably cheap $20 originals.[1] So we grabbed one for ourselves. [The legs even have little red caps on them, but we only took the seat; I guess we'll switch back to white in the winter or something? Not after Labor Day?]


I can't find the red Antilop pictured or even mentioned online anywhere yet, but somebody named Bif in Minnesota is flipping Antilops on eBay, and he's got a blue one. Now normally, I think this kind of Ikea reselling is ridiculous, but if there's a secret, Swedish rainbow of chairs scattered across the country, eBay is the compleatist's only hope.

Besides, even at $43 shipped, the Antilop's still a great chair. Not $15 cash-n-carry perfect, but great.

Steep: Blue Ikea Antilop high chair - new, $25 Buy it Now + $18 shipping from Bif's Treasures[ebay]

[1] I noticed that Ikea had increased the prices of quite a few things I look at regularly. The Antilop has been $18 or 19 for a while; $15 was the price from four years ago. The red chairs were clearly labeled $15, though, so when it scanned at $20, I whined. A manager went to check, and told us the $15 price was out-of-date, and that she'd taken the sign down. After giving us the price, that is.


Hi Greg -

Which Ikea? Did they have any left?


College Park, MD, and they had at least two giant boxes.

But Brooklyn says they have both red and blue, though the tray only comes in white.

We just picked up a red one at Paramus. They had pallets full of all three colors. Disappointly, though, the tray does only come in white. Also, check the package when you pick up the seat. Ours was missing the safety strap.

We picked ours up to replace a chicco highchair. Although not ruffled, the pad is impossible to clean, its not machine washable, and its enormous.

the blue is niiice. matches the blue crib that's been "temporarily oversold" since day one.

The Ikea in Kiel, Germany, had them in red and blue in the cafeteria. (I don't know whether they sold them in other colours; we bought one in white, but we were in a rush and I don't think we took the time to check.) Some even had extra-long legs.

That's so cool... our Antilop is in storag... er, I mean, at my parent's place for my nephew to use... I'd be seriously tempted to pick a red one up if we have another kid and just leave the old one there.

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