August 16, 2008

Safeway Is Apparently A Mom, Who Knew?


Hey girlfriend! Have I got a store brand for you!

Finally, a new line of high-quality baby products designed and created by moms, for moms.

As moms, we want nothing but the best for our babies. So when it comes to baby products, we look for the brand we can trust, and truly understands us and our baby's needs.

mom to mom™ is the new and improved Safeway brand of baby products we've trusted all these years. It was created using the shared wisdom of the real experts in caring for babies: moms like you and me. Using our insights and real-life experiences, mom to mom™ developed more functional high-quality products to make our life as moms easier and more fulfilling.

[Emphasis added where a $40 billion grocery store is pretending to be an actual human being. With kids.]

In the press release announcing mom to mom™'s Mother's Day launch, Safeway SVP of Consumer Brands--and mom?--James White says that the products were designed with input from "real moms." Such as?

The importance of gentleness and ease-of-use were key take-aways
from the research with mothers. For example, mom to mom(TM) baby wipes
are hypoallergenic and come in a flip-top package with a wide
dispenser, making them easy to access with one hand during diaper
changing or feeding
. Toiletry items such as baby wash and baby lotion
are in wide-bottom bottles to avoid tipping and spilling.Aha. Why was I expecting a takeaway even remotely mom-exclusive, like maybe about the Ring of Fire?

Safeway Unveils New Family of Baby Products Developed for Moms by Moms [prnewswire/reuters via dt reader kelli]
Safeway | mom to mom []


And apparently these are time traveling corporate moms. The just launched baby wash comes with a homespun heartwarming mom to mom testimonial: "This is so mild and gentle - I've used it since he was a newborn".

But I guess it's better than honesty. Imagine "corporate megalith brand baby products".

I love the tagline "When it comes to babies, moms know best." Maybe they make up for it with a line of "dad-recommended" products in the BBQ sauce section or something, though...

lol, nice catch. though it's technically possibly true, since all they really did was rebrand the pre-existing Safeway store brand stuff. Which had apparently been superharsh and hard-to-use, until the moms got involved.

I picked up a pack of the supreme diapers and wasn't to impressed. They didn't leak..but they are wide and stiff...rather like wrapping a piece of cardboard around my kiddos crotch. The wipes are ok, the same as walmart brand.

Now that we're back on the west coast, I've noticed these in our local (Canadian) Safeway. Personally, I never equate "high-quality... products" with Safeway.

Ya, not only did I find the brand itself repugnant to fathers everywhere, their wipes suck. More dry than a baggy of 120-grit and thickly textured so that our standard Prince Lionheart warmer is practically yanked off the shelf every time you try to extract one.

I say feh.

We're halfway through the bottle of baby wash. What can I say? It's soap. It seems to clean off the grit that accumulates on my boys during the day. It doesn't really cause their eyes to tear up (but it seems to be more irritative than J and J.)

I can't say if the checkout helper was a mom herself, but it's just cheap soap.

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