August 8, 2008

The Top 10 Cars On, The New Gas Mileage Comparison Community Site

Matt Haughey and Paul Bausch recently launched, a site which allows you to compare gas mileage with your friends, and to share fuel saving tips and such. So far, over 500 cars over 1,100 cars have been signed up. [Whoa, that's in the hour since I first poked around the site.]

Anyway, here are the top ten models signed up so far, obviously subject to change:

10. Honda Element (15)
9. Honda Fit (15)
8. Honda CR-V (18)
7. Ford Focus (21)
6. Toyota Prius (25)
5. Toyota Camry (26)
4. Toyota Corolla (33)
3. Honda Accord (35)
2. VW Jetta (41)
1. Honda Civic (91)

I see three trends: professional mileage watchers [Prius, CR-V], Hondas, and Jettas. There are also two Rolls Royces and a Testarossa, up from one Rolls and zero Testarossas an hour ago. Stay tuned.

Tire pressure gauges for everyone! [via waxy]


I forgot to tell you I liked this so much we added the top 10 list to the all cars page and to the front page for new visitors.

suh-weet, I see a Subaru crept into the list

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