August 6, 2008

No Hippies Here, Just Post-Vaccination Fever Sufferers

K2 just went to the doctor yesterday for her 6mo checkup and shots, so she's a feverish, cranky mess today, even with the Motrin. Combined with her post-roadtrip nap disruption, posting is obviously a little slow today. So is fixing the monthly archive pulldown menu. which recently stopped working. Should be working now.

Here are direct links to the last three months' archives, though, for your skimming amusement:

&c., &c.

Also, the doctor--our regular guy's partner--had nothing to say about K2's flat head or her nursemaid's elbow, or her recent, uncharacteristic crankiness. Pretty useless, frankly. And annoying. My wife was in a conference and could go with us, and I got the "Ooh, daddy has the kids today! Good for you!" crap from the assistant. Never mind that over half the parents in the waiting room were dads, solo and paired up.

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I know where you're coming from...the general response from any doctor at our local practice is 'Calpol and Nurofen'.

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