August 2, 2008

Baby Hulk Hungry, Want Carrots


Chris Wass spotted a She-Hulk feeding a Baby Hulk at Comic-Con. It's not clear whether they're rolling in the Bugaboo Bee up there, or in the smudgy green umbrella stroller to their left in the bigger picture.

She-Hulk and baby Hug [flickr]


Around the time I was...6? 8? A local sporting goods store ran a promotion, X% off for various antics, an annual Christmas-season promotion. Anyway, I was the only one who got the top discount, 60% off for coming in painted orange, riding on a goat. Somewhere I've got the newspaper clipping. I'll see if I can find it.

Hulk want photo! Or Hulk get mad!

hmm, Hulk talk a lot like Elmo, it turns out

Greg, its a Bee. See the next picture.

uh, I'm talking about the other stroller on She-Hulk's left.

Baby Happy, Got carrots! Thats my little angel! And to solve the mystery it was the green stroller of course, since green was the theme of the day. My nephew was rockin the nice bugaboo.

nice of you to stop by, thanks for the info.

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