August 1, 2008

Gangsta Babies Keeping It Very Real, Unfortunately


Mezco Toyz introduced Gangsta Babies, a set of four 10-inch vinyl baby dolls decked out like refugees from a 2004 ad agency trend board. They illustrate perfectly the risks of designing a product that parrots fleeting trends instead of trying to attain an actual creative vision. Though that red-haired one does give me an idea for a series of baby unfunny comedians that'd include Carrot Top, Joe Piscopo, Carlos Mencia, and Jeff Foxworthy. Or Larry the Cable Guy? Wait, aren't they the same guy?

flickr's kbaird: "this is worse than Bratz" [flickr, here's another closeup shot]
Gangsta Babies are available for pre-order, which means they'll be even lamer when they finally arrive. []

1 Comment

I saw these on THE VIEW on 12/24/2008.

I'm ordering a set!

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