July 29, 2008

Kids These Days And Their Spiral Jetty Roadtrips

Bugaboo @ Spiral Jetty, originally uploaded by daddytypes.

Hey, it's not sparkly white crystals surrounded by pink water, it's just black lava rocks and no water at all! Ooh, it's so hot, like 90 degrees! But I don't want to put sunscreen on; I already put some on this morning at the pool! Waah, waah, we had to drive across rockstrewn dirt roads for 45 minutes in Gramm's MDX, listening to Sandra Boynton songs! Waah, waah, I can't sit in the air-conditioned car while daddy covers himself with grease, dust, and sweat changing the flat tire!

Back when I was a boy, the Spiral Jetty was completely under water, and we just sat around looking at the picture in the back of the Art History 101 book, and we liked it.


Oh my gosh! I didn't realize it had surfaced. I've wanted to see this for years.

It was under water the entire time I lived there, I think, so never saw it.

Sorry about the flat.It is a rough road esp in the a/c.
I will have to send pictures to the kids of when it had sparkly white crystals and pink water in 2002.

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