July 27, 2008

Whoops, Missed That Herman Miller Kite


Just checking in on the vintage goods at the awesome Landscape Products in Tokyo, and what do I find? A little kit for a Herman Miller kite. It seems to date from around 1980.

The triangular pieces covered with HM logos fit together into a 4-tetrahedron tetrahedron. Not sure what you call that, geometrically speaking, but the Peter Pearce, the engineer who patented it, sold it as a Tetrakite.

Hmm, Pearce also created the Synestructics construction toy system, sort of a Tinker Toy for the Buckminster Fuller generation. And if that's not enough, he worked with Eames and built the Biosphere 2. And this thing, a walk-in replica of a diamond molecule.

Herman Miller kite, c.1980 - SOLD [landscape-products.net]
d'oh, missed it twice. Jenn checked Landscape Products a month ago [minor details]

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