July 27, 2008

Ayum-Day, Aby-Baby! Ip-skay The Unes-Pray Before The Oadtrip-Ray!

With K2 now literally demanding solid food whenever we sit down to eat, I'm reminded again of the direct cause & effect relationship between what goes in a baby's mouth and what--or how and when, really--it comes out.

I'd even thought of doing a servicey infographic of the various solid foods and their digestive impact, but I never got too far beyond "bananas = rockhard poo and agonizing constipation," and "prunes = massive, frequent dumps." Well, I should've made one, and made it travel-size.

Saturday we drove about five hours from one set of grandparents in southern Utah to another in Salt Lake City. Thanks to the full container of organic prunes K2 ate Friday night--to counter the uncomfortable combination of bananas and desert-induced underhydration from Wednesday and Thursday--she had just massive, all-over, 5-wipe, dirty diapers at some gas station in Cedar City and Joe Bandido's Cantina in Springville. Needless to say, there were no changing tables in either restroom either place.

Though Cedar did have a giant ice-filled display bin of locally made cheese curd, otherwise known as "Squeaky Cheese." We passed, though it turns out to be just the little nuggets of cheddar cheese that get taken out before it's pressed into shape and aged. Who knew?


Mmmm, squeaky cheese...
Hey! You can make your very own poutine!

Traveling with a solids-demanding baby is best done with a Baby Safe Feeder (or 5 or 6 of the Nuby knockoffs)That way, you can ask for a side of steamed veggies with your meal, cram the broccoli and carrots into the feeder and have 30 seconds of blissful silence while the kid chows down by herself.

Sometimes they're called "cheese squeaks" too. Main thing to remember: don't cook with them; they don't act like aged cheddar, they act like some kind of weird polymer.

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