July 25, 2008

DT Friday Freakout: Soy Formula In A Plastic Bottle On A Granite Countertop Edition

Where to start ruining your weekend? With a trip to Target to stock up on totally-safe-after-all plastic bottles, or with a trip to Home Depot to get a home radiation testing kit for your granite counter?

  • The NY Times article on how some granite countertops might just contain radioactive elements like uranium and might be giving off, say, 100x the safe dose of radon has been the most-viewed article on the site for a second day. And it's the most-emailed-to-me Friday Freakout article ever! I predict a revival of Mexican tile, including one that has a little dog footprint in the corner, for charm, starting right. about. now. [nytimes via everyone]
  • Never mind again! The European Food Safety Agency has issued the results of a new study reiterated the recommendations of its 2006 report that says because humans are not rats, BPA is totally safe! "The conclusions of the panel are that after exposure to BPA the human body rapidly metabolizes and eliminates the substance. This represents an important metabolic difference compared with rats," said the EFSA statement. Such a relief: these glass bottles are heavy, and the brown BPA-free plastic ones are depressingly downscale-looking! Read the EFSA's actual statment here.[reuters/msnbc via dt freakout correspondent sara, also the jpma itself]
  • The BBC reports on a new study by the Harvard School of Public Health of 99 men in a fertility clinic showing that eating soy can cut sperm counts by as much as 50%. Which contradicts an ongoing study by a billion men in Asia who seem to have no trouble reproducing at all. [bbc via sara; see the abstract here.]
  • But what if you're sick of letting the media tell you what to freak out over, and you'd rather figure it out yourself? Just start poking around HealthyCar.org's handy, interactive guide to toxic chemicals in cars and car seats, and take charge of your own paranoia! [healthycar.org via dt reader dt]

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    MONDAY JULY 28, 2008 (foodconsumer.org) -- The Marble Institute of America on Friday responded to the studies by Rice University physics professor W.J. Llope saying that granite countertops pose no significant health risk.

    Earlier, Llope was cited by Houston Chronicle as finding that some granite countertops generate gamma radiation and radon gas at a level that is considered dangerous by the U.S. government.

    In its statement, the MIA categorized the studies as junk science and cited new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) statements to say that radon gas and radiation released from granite countertops do not pose a risk.

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